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Anchored in the Storm - "TEACHING TRUTHS"

Posted by G.J. Weber CCM, BCPPC on January 25, 2010 at 8:53 PM

More than ever before, I am seeing believers becoming bogged down and weary as they are tossed to and fro...like a ship on the open sea. They are living troubled lives because they have lost their anchor and the foundational keys they once claimed to possess. So many have walked away or cut their anchors loose thinking they can just float and remain safe. Instead the winds blow and they run aground or become shipwreck on the reefs of life that are waiting to rip their lives apart.

The Apostle Paul believed that "Anchoring onto Faith" and having a "Good Conscience", would keep him from shipwreck. Today the term "Anchoring onto Faith" or "Holding onto Faith" has become a widely misunderstood concept. This term means more than simply holding onto Christian beliefs or trusting God. It means being rooted in the Christian walk, to become Christ-like, and serving God His way ...not OUR WAY! We must learn that we can not serve God anyway we want. God must be served His way through obedience to His Word.

Many have "Put away their Faith"...they have set it aside, covered it up, or just plain hidden it. It is important to understand that no one can take your faith from you. It is a processes or a gradual giving up that only the believer himself can do. If your faith appears to have been lost...you have moved away from God. God never leaves us desolate or walks away! We may have stopped practicing biblical principles and think it pleases God.

This is our wake up call! NOW, more than every before, we must humble ourselves, stand up, be holy, have pure motives, and be obedient to the Word and the Holy Spirit. We must daily study and practice the biblical principals of prayer, church attendance, and giving. It is our responsibility to anchor our soul in Jesus Christ. But instead many are being uprooted and have lost their stance with God, leaving themselves vulnerable and heading for eminent shipwreck and thinking they can serve God without becoming a "Doer of the Word". Wake up and stop playing in sin...pay attention! Do you want to find yourself in a position of displeasing God? Only you can answer and only you can change your circumstances, choices, and choose God's way. Your choice will start the process of casting your flesh down, changing your "Stinking Thinking", and purging yourself. A choice that will transform you into a new vessel of honor giving you liberty and freedom.

Freedom and liberty can only be found by becoming a true worshiper praying, fasting, and studying to show yourself approved. Learning to forgive and guarding your heart and mouth will let the truth of His Word permiate your life, protect you, and save you no matter what the storms of life bring. We may not know what the storms of life will bring, the snares the enemy has set, or what is awaiting us around the next corner but we must prepare for the storms of life by anchoring ourselves in Jesus Christ, "He is the way, the truth and the life..." As believers we can find a "peace that passes all understanding" and be anchored by following His Word and proclaiming "He MY Rock", the "Rock of My Salvation". And REMEMBER in every storm life has to throw my way the choice is mine whether to be driven by the wind or be the vessel anchored to the "Rock", Christ Jesus, in a safe harbor within the folds of His embrace!

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Reply suentadius
8:50 PM on September 18, 2014 
hello you
Reply Valarie Cook
6:09 PM on January 26, 2010 
This is VERY good! As with anything, we need to daily make this our practice. Practice makes perfect. Since He is the only thing perfect, we should "practice" our anchoring skill. Allowing Him to be our anchor. This is a skill I am going to "practice" til I get it right. Even sailors have to be trained and training takes time AND effort!

Thanks for the good word!